Our Story

Glazed & Glossed originated from founder, Adrienne's personal struggles during postpartum and failing to make her own self-care a priority. It was within these depths that she uncovered a shared connection with others who shared the same challenges, realizing she was far from being alone.

Glazed & Glossed isn't just about crafting clean and sustainable skincare solutions that deliver results; it's a beacon of light aimed at inspiring others to carve out precious moments for self-care, especially when the road gets tough. Adrienne's journey has shown her that the challenges we face can become fertile ground for growth and resilience. With Glazed & Glossed, she's weaving a narrative of empowerment, a reminder that tending to ourselves isn't a luxury, but a necessity, especially in our moments of struggle.

Founder's Note

I founded Glazed & Glossed after a tumultuous start to motherhood. When our son was born, we were thrust into a whirlwind of challenges that most people don’t prepare you for – lip & tongue ties, struggles with breastfeeding, GERD, extreme sleep deprivation, postpartum depression & anxiety, a newly traumatized body, extreme mom guilt… and the list goes on… all during the isolating backdrop of a pandemic. It was overwhelming, yet I recognize that others have faced even greater trials in early motherhood. In a sense, I consider myself fortunate, but I won't diminish the validity of the emotions I grappled with during those challenging early days – no mother should. I firmly believe that motherhood is inherently difficult, and there’s no easy way to navigate it; you simply dive in and figure it out as you go, doing your best along the way. 

In the midst of it all, I felt like I had lost my entire identity. Despite this, I made the conscious choice to pivot from my decade-long corporate career to return to school and fully embrace motherhood. I needed a fresh start and the opportunity to step back, reevaluate my life, and rediscover myself. During this period of reflection, one thing became abundantly clear: society often fails to adequately support new mothers during their most critical times. Instead of lifting them up, we’re swiftly expected to resume our pre-baby routines, reenter work commitments, regain our pre-baby bodies, and manage the mental load of family life – often feeling like strangers in our own skin and putting ourselves last. However, gradually, as I began my road to rediscovery, I started to reassemble fragments of my old self while incorporating new ones. I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I could never fully return to the person I was before having a child. Motherhood transforms you, molding you into someone new and even better. It’s not about rediscovering your old identity but allowing yourself grace and the time to find your new one. That is why self-care during these times becomes even more crucial.

It can be hard to find time for yourself while raising small children, but I found that a simple skincare routine was easy enough to incorporate twice a day. It became something I looked forward to, and it helped me find my glow again and significantly boosted my mental well-being. I felt more energized and happier, prepared to embrace my new role as “Mom”. Motherhood isn't a period; it's an exclamation mark! It’s important to remember that we are not only taking care of our children, but also crafting a blueprint for them, setting the example and importance of self-love while sharing our full unique identities. Self-care isn't about neglecting others; it's about asserting "Me also” as important individuals who's personal needs matter too.

Through these life experiences and revelations, I realized I wasn’t the only mother feeling this way. Thus, I created a brand to ensure no other moms felt “glazed or glossed” over, empowering them to prioritize their own self-care and mental health. So, if you find yourself navigating a similar journey (whether in motherhood or beyond), remember this: you will glow again, and when you do you’ll shine even brighter than you did before!


Creating clean and sustainable products that spread mental health awareness by encouraging self-care and creating conditions to thrive.


Empowerment: We empower individuals to prioritize their well-being through self-care practices that lead to personal growth and confidence.

Authenticity: We value honest conversations about mental health, embracing vulnerability and creating a safe space for sharing personal stories.

Empathy: We approach our mission with compassion, understanding the importance of mental health awareness and self-care in everyone's journey.

Resilience: Just as mental health journeys are marked by resilience, we are steadfast in our determination to contribute to a world where well-being is cherished and celebrated.

Growth: We are dedicated to fostering personal and collective growth, supporting individuals as they thrive on their paths to well-being and fulfillment.

Community: We believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive community where we come together to uplift, inspire, and learn from each other's experiences.